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STDC2024: The 57th Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference


UNC Charlotte hosted the 57th annual Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference from Wednesday, March 6th to Saturday, March 9th in the EPIC Building on the eastern side of the campus.

Photo of campus

Spring Topology and Dynamics is one of the oldest currently running topology conferences beginning in 1967. The conference typically attracts between 100 and 200 active mathematicians from around the world in the fields of continuum theory, dynamical systems, geometric group theory, geometric topology, and set-theoretic topology. The conference often receives generous NSF funding and is thus able to provide financial support for students.

For more information, contact the conference organizers at stdc-organizers@charlotte.edu or visit the main conference website at https://pages.charlotte.edu/stdc2024/.

Registration and Abstract Submission

To register for the conference or submit an abstract, navigate to the appropriate page below. You will need to enter an "access token" sent your email to verify your identity before registration/submission.

Note that your profile and submission will not be displayed publicly until approved by STDC organizers. Email edit requests or questions to stdc-organizers@charlotte.edu.

Abstract submisisons are due Friday March 1.

Payment instructions are at this link.


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